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Creating and editing
a course can be time- consuming AF

we help you with that. 


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You're sitting on that course idea aren't you? 

Mmhm, caught you! Let me guess you're either one of two people:

You've created the video 

and now your videos are collecting digital dust because you simply don't have the time to edit them or

but when you look at all the details that go into making it interactive and engaging, you can't imagine having to learn a whole new system just to edit your course, so you throw the whole course thing to the back of your mind.

Cause let's be honest, you'd rather focus on the big pictures in your business, like the revenue generating things - not spending hours editing a course.

You have a course idea and desire to actually create the course  

We don't do boring around these parts

We only create dope ish. You know, the type of courses your students will finish and get results from. 

And I know you know your stuff. So we have to make sure you’re teaching and not just telling what you know. And look, 


"She was instrumental in helping me with the structure of how the course should be laid out."

I’m going to take you from simply exposing people to information to teaching them something they can walk away with! Doing that effectively is what helps your students get results.

Understanding how people learn new information and how to translate that into an online course is my jam!

I'm Ericka

Your secret weapon for setting up your online course or membership.


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