If we’re being honest,
I’ve purchased high-ticket courses and memberships before and once I got inside, I was like 

Like the quality just didn't match the price point. 

The content and workbooks were put together poorly and the videos were boring and hard to follow. And another thing...

I ain’t watching a 90-min video of someone just talking LOL. 

"What is this honey!?"

And no judgement! Some of us have been there. But at some point you have to understand

And you don't even have to tell me. I already know you don't have time to sit down and learn how to edit and put together a high-quality course. That’s a whole new skill and program to learn. You’re ready to hand it off to a pro that can handle it and give you the experience you promise your students. 

This is why I created Wax Design Lab, a boutique video editing and course design agency for entrepreneurs and business owners that offers high quality video editing services. We take your raw footage and turn it into ready-to-sell polished video for your online program...because we know you don't have time for this. 

a visually appealing course or membership matters just as much as the information you're sharing.

promise to you..

My promise is that you can and will be able to walk away with ready-to-sell and engaging video for your online course or membership that will increase profitability. 

here's my

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"What is this honey?"

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Like having your homegirl working on your project

what it's like working with me: 

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These are the values that motivate me to do what I do for you each day with love and gratitude. 

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